From the Director: Canadian Startup Visas boost Toronto Economy

By Steve Tobocman

Canada has recently launched a new “start-up” visa to enable immigrant entrepreneurs legal residency in Canada.  A recent article chronicling the program and some successful immigrant entrepreneurs in Toronto was recently published in Model D’s sister publication Yonge Street.  You can check out the article here.

The article points out the immigrants often bring a new perspective, which can help them see entrepreneurial opportunities where others may not.  The article notes the following:

“I also think that, being new to Canada, it provided me with the perfect way to transition into running my own business.”

–Toronto immigrant entrepreneur Noura Sakkijha, co-founder of Mejuri, an online e-commerce platform for jewelry

Matt Man sees his status as an immigrant as an advantage. “Because of the unique perspective we have–the way we appreciate hard work, and the way we appreciate that there may be people coming to Canada that might not have the Canadian experience but can offer a lot–that we bring certain advantages when it comes to building a business.”

–Toronto immigrant entrepreneur Matt Man, founder Green Owl Mobile, a traffic reporting application.

Global Detroit aspires to foster a welcoming environment for the Noura’s and Matt’s to come to our region.

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