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OpTech’s Ronia Kruse Receives Global Detroit’s Corporate Impact Award

Posted on October 1st, 2019 in Champions for Growth, Detroit, International Students 

“Innovation cannot exist without the right talent,” says Ronia Kruse, president and CEO of OpTech, an award-winning talent solutions and technology firm specializing in enhancing Fortune 1000 and government organizations by providing innovative tailored solutions and elite industry talent.  Early in OpTech’s infancy as a [...]

Bank of America’s Tiffany Douglas Receives Global Detroit’s 2019 Corporate Leadership Award

What would you like the power to do? That is Bank of America’s rallying call and Tiffany Douglas and her colleagues take it seriously. As the company’s Senior Vice President and Market Executive for Michigan, Tiffany supports the Bank’s lines of business to deliver and [...]

Elias Gutierrez Receives Global Detroit’s 2019 Community Entrepreneur Award

Situated in an office on the second floor of an old bank building that dates back to the 1930s are the headquarters of Latino Press, the newspaper Elias Gutierrez launched in 1993. “I came from Chile in 1991. Just like everyone else, I was looking [...]

Help Us Build Detroit’s Inclusive Future.

Rezaul Karim came to America to create a better life for his family–twice. Although he worked as a bank officer in Bangladesh, he knew there were more opportunities for his four young daughters in the U.S. So he moved his family to New York and [...]

Be A part of Detroit’s Inclusive Future!

When Mayra Torres received a letter from her new landlord, it was her first notice that her house had been sold. Worried, she reached out to Raquel Garcia. As Global Detroit’s director of housing and special projects, Raquel serves as an invaluable resource to her [...]

Immigrant Inclusion Can Transform Detroit’s Housing and Community Development Industry

Posted on January 22nd, 2019 in Detroit, Neighborhood Revitalization 

Last month, Global Detroit released another insightful piece of original research highlighting the benefits of building a more inclusive region. From 2017-2018, Global Detroit staff surveyed the housing demands and perspectives of 200 Detroit residents, including immigrant and non-immigrant families. The Immigrant Housing in Detroit [...]

Detroit Hosts Welcoming Economies Global Network City-to-City Visit: Showcases Its Leadership in Building an Inclusive Economy and City

Visitors from peer immigrant economic development and immigrant inclusion initiatives in Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Buffalo, South Bend, and New Zealand, came to Detroit on October 25-26 to study Detroit as a model for early progress in building a welcoming and inclusive city and regional [...]

Immigrants, Refugees, Veterans and Returning Citizens Take Advantage of Job Fair Geared To Them

Fatimah, a refugee from Yemen with years of experience teaching chemistry to high school students, arrived in Michigan two years ago. For the next 12 months, she applied for countless jobs in her field without success because she lacked the necessary proof of education or [...]

Guatemalan Cuisine takes root in Southwest Detroit

Posted on September 10th, 2018 in Detroit, Detroit Ethnic Restaurants, Neighborhood Revitalization 

When you walk down Junction Street in Southwest Detroit, you can’t fail to notice a baronial building on the street. This building is home to Pollo Chapin (literally meaning Guatemalan chicken as “chapin” is what Guatemalans call each other), a Guatemalan-food-inspired restaurant. Opened in 2008, [...]

New report: The Economic Impact of Refugees in Southeast Michigan

Yasir Ibrahim came to Detroit in 2008 fleeing persecution and ethnic violence ravaging Iraq. He quickly found work as a clerk in a dollar store stocking shelves, cleaning up, and tackling any task that would help him build a good life for himself in America, [...]