For a donation $5 attendees received soup, salad, bread and a vote that could impact the community!

“One of the things we notice being immigrants here in the United States [is that] there are conversations about us without involving us in the conversations. People normally tell us what’s best for us instead of asking us what we think is the best for us.”


Detroit SOUP is a microgranting dinner celebrating and supporting creative projects in Detroit. For a donation $5 attendees receive soup, salad, bread and a vote and hear from four presentations ranging from art, urban agriculture, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology and more. At the event, attendees eat, talk, share resources, enjoy art and vote on the project they think benefits the city the most. At the end of the night, ballots are counted and the winner goes home with all of the money raised to carry out their project.”


Global Detroit partnered with The Build Institute to host a special edition of Detroit Soup focused on projects that help to support the immigrant communities. Last Saturday, five individuals were given a chance to pitch their projects’ ideas to the attendees of the Global Soup at The Ford Resource and Engagement Center in Southwest Detroit.   Following the traditional format of SOUP, attendees had an opportunity to share potluck meals from Jamaican jerk chicken to middle eastern samosas while listening to five presenters pitch their projects.  The five projects, Linglobal Education, Amagara Chocolate & Coffee Studio, The Olympiad, Detroit International House, and D’Kalabash Cuisine Culture Conversation, were  presented  and each received acclamation from the audience.


At the end of the evening, the ballots were counted and theD’Kalabash: Detroit Ethnic Food Tasting Experience and Panel”  emerged as the winner. “It was exciting to participate in Global Soup and feel the energy of the attendees as they learned about [our project],” remarked Sophia Chue of the Caribbean Community Service Center who presented the winning project.

“We were encouraged by the positive reception of the project and the connections we made with the audience. Thanks for the opportunity to bring our dream to life!”,


Global Detroit is thankful to all the participants, The Build Institute and the Ford Resource and Engagement Center for the job well done!


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