In the hopes that broadly sharing the research and ideas behind Global Detroit will facilitate greater understanding and action, below we are sharing tools developed by Global Detroit.

Global Detroit Study
Global Detroit StudyPublished in 2010, the Global Detroit study serves as the foundation of our work. The study documents positive contributions as well as investigates the realities that dispel the fears and myths surrounding the role of immigrants in the regional economy.
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Metro Detroit’s Foreign Born Populations
metro detroits foreign born demographicsA demographics report of the representatives from many corners of the world that make up metro-detroit’s incredibly diverse immigrant population.
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Stats Page
Stats Page imageVisual communications and graphics can be an efficient and effective way to make your case.
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These presentations can serve as inspiration in the development of your own presentations.

Breakfast of nationsBreakfast of Nations Presentation Presentation on the case for immigration-centered economic development.

Ted TalkGlobal Detroit TED Talk Presentation from Cleveland Symposium on Global Affairs: International Politics, Business, and Law

leadership oakland imageLeadership Oakland Presentation Presentation on the case for immigration-centered economic development with a spotlight on Michigan’s initiatives and the WE Global Network.


Global Detroit Annual Report

Annual Report imageEvery year we provide a concise overview of our work during the previous year and are able to spotlight advancements in our efforts. This document serves as a handy tool to efficiently show people who we are, what we do, and how we’re doing it.
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