Global Detroit + East Davison Village neighborhood alley cleanup

On September 15, Global Detroit, in partnership with the East Davison Village neighborhood group, hosted a neighborhood cleanup. Volunteers from the community, Global Detroit, and Wayne County Community College were able to clear an alleyway to improve resident safety.


Residents in the area recently formed the East Davison Village neighborhood group, many of whom have lived in the area for over 30 years. Patricia Courtner, a community member, decided to take action to improve her neighborhood and partnered with Global Detroit to assist with organizing the cleanup.

The cleanup was wonderful! We had so much support from East Davison Village and our amazing volunteers. Some 40 volunteers cleared tires, broken glass, trash, and dead trees from the alleyway. It was great to see the tremendous diversity and camaraderie in the community and volunteers’ interactions.

Many of the volunteers have never been in this neighborhood of Detroit before, and for them to come out and put so much effort into this work was very appreciated.

A memorable moment was seeing the residents looking at their accomplishments and remembering the neighborhood of their childhood when the community was thriving. Raymunn, a local resident, shared, “I remember when this area was clear and we could run around. It’s starting to look like it used to.”

The cleanup did more than anticipated; it was the first step in bringing a neighborhood together. Global Detroit’s Opportunity neighborhoods program works with residents in the Banglatown and East Davison Village neighborhood, as well as across Southwest Detroit, to bring together immigrants and their neighbors and help revitalize neighborhoods.

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