History of the Global Talent Retention Initiative

With the ninth largest international student population in the nation, Michigan currently educates 32,000 international students who contribute $1.2 billion annually to our economy. Recognizing the tremendous opportunity that international student retention posed for the state’s economy, Global Detroit helped launch the first international student retention program in the nation in 2013. Initially housed at the University Research Corridor, the Michigan Global Talent Retention Initiative connects highly skilled international students with unmet talent needs among employers. Now housed at Global Detroit, the program currently works with Southeast Michigan’s top six universities. More than 1,000 students annually connect with southeast Michigan’s top employers through job fairs, networking events, and employer meet and greets. GTRI also runs the Global Talent Accelerator, an intensive, cohort-based program that helps students develop job readiness skills while introducing them to the region’s top employers, and Cultural Ambassadors, which pairs international students with working and retired professionals who serve as mentors.

For data and additional discussion of international students’ role in filling Michigan’s talent gap, read our Filling the Talent Gap report.