Introducing Our Series in Model D Media, On Immigration as an Economic Driver

Today we begin a new series in partnership with Model D Media, where we’ll be writing occasionally on how welcoming immigrants can help revitalize our regional economy. In our first post, we showcase the Detroit City Futbol League team from Brightmoor, whose rich international diversity helped make them champs in the 2011 season. From our post:

Brightmoor’s championship season is the subject of a Global Detroit blog because it tells a unique story about how international and diverse our city and region already are. Kirk Mayes, the director of the Brightmoor Alliance, a community-based organization formed 10 years ago and dedicated to serving residents and creating a diverse, economically vibrant, and walkable neighborhood of choice, was approached to help put a DCFL neighborhood soccer team together. What many didn’t know is that Kirk, a lifelong Detroit resident and rising star in community development, is a first generation Jamaican immigrant–his parents were born in Jamaica and his mother emigrated to Detroit from New York City after an initial migration to New York didn’t pan out. (This secondary migration pattern is common for many immigrants living in Detroit, Hamtramck, and other urban areas in the region).

You can read the full story here.

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