It’s Time to Get Involved

This coming May marks the fifth anniversary of the release of the Global Detroit Study! Can you believe it has been that long? Maybe, we need a celebration or some time to reflect upon all of the immigrant economic development and welcoming programs, infrastructure, and impact we have had.

In the early days, people would always stop me and let me know how exciting and innovative they thought an initiative to welcome immigrants and integrate them into our economy was, while focusing on how all of us prosper from their inclusion. For years folks would ask me how they could get involved. Unfortunately, in those early planning years and as we were launching programs, there were few options.

Boy, have things changed! In case you didn’t realize it, Global Detroit and its partner initiatives are eager to have you join our team and volunteer a few hours to help our region’s economic recovery by working with immigrants and internationals.

Welcome CroppedMaybe you missed the newsletter announcements launching our Cultural Ambassadors program, or promoting Upwardly Global’s Global Engineers in Residence (GEIR) national pilot program. Well, here are 12 volunteer opportunities to Go Global:

  1. Become a Cultural Ambassador Connector—meet with an international student or young professional over coffee to help them connect with professional networks in our region.
  2. Hire an internationally-trained and work-authorized engineer as part of Upwardly Global’s and the State of Michigan’s Global Engineer in Residence employer program.
  3. Make a donation to Global Detroit to help support our work.
  4. Sign up with Welcoming Michigan – Michigan Immigrant Rights Coalition and Lutheran Social Services of Michigan to help new immigrants learn English either by agreeing to show up at an English conversation or as an English tutor.
  5. Consider international student talent for your next position by signing up as a Global Opportunity (GO) Employer and engage international student talent at the next Michigan Global Talent Retention Initiative on campus event—(I promise it’s easier to hire an international student than you think).
  6. Sign up to be a Citizenship Ambassador, and work with the Detroit New Americans Campaign to help encourage immigrants in Metro Detroit eligible to become U.S. citizens to naturalize, as well as support events assisting them in the process.
  7. Use your business and entrepreneurship skills to help an emerging immigrant or African-American entrepreneur in Detroit by volunteering with ProsperUS Detroit.
  8. Volunteer your expertise in working with Detroit residents and neighborhoods as Global Detroit seeks to assist community-driven efforts to create Opportunity Neighborhoods that pursue neighborhood revitalization by working with immigrants and incumbent communities.
  9. Help educate Oakland County and/or Washtenaw County high school students about international economic issues by participating in the 2015 Global Trade Mission
  10. Join one of the nearly 20 ethnic chambers in Metro Detroit.
  11. Get involved with the Detroit International Visitors Council, greeting and networking with international visitors and delegations to our region.
  12. Volunteer with Welcome Mat Detroit in one of many ways: gather information about ethnic events or affairs, distribute literature/rack cards throughout neighborhoods, help update their English as a Second Language resource list, or attend a networking event to learn about the region’s international ties and communities.

If you have any trouble finding an outlet for your talents, email us and let us see if we can help you. In the meantime, we hope you will continue your efforts to make our region a national leader in immigrant integration, welcoming, and inclusion.

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