Neighborhood Resource Fair Brings Residents Together

On October 13, Global Detroit, in partnership with the East Davison Village(EDV) Community Group, hosted a neighborhood resource fair at Davison Elementary. The East Davison Village Community Neighborhood Resource Fair gave residents an opportunity to come together, meet new friends, make connections and have access to valuable resources in a happy space. A neighborhood resource fair can be a critical event to building a sense of community, especially in a neighborhood that isn’t being targeted by developers or foundations. East Davison Village has a thriving group of residents eager to better connect their community and to help their neighbors.

The fair was a success! There was something for everyone. Kids’ activities like face painting, live chess and hula hoop tricks fostered a whimsical atmosphere. The highlight were the giveaways the kids received: Rico Razo, a community member, donated basketballs and back packs which were handed out to every child that was around!

Adults were busy connecting and taking advantage of the resources available. Some organizations were even able to offer on site services: The City of Detroit registered residents to receive Detroit Municipal IDs, free flu shots were administered thanks to Walgreens, and DTE gave out free LED light bulbs to all residents to improve energy efficiency at home.

“I’m very grateful for the work Global Detroit is doing by co-organizing such events. When I heard about this opportunity, I knew there was no way I would miss it,” commented one resident. “Some people say this neighborhood is incohesive but with such events, the script is going to be changed for sure.”

East Davison Village is a community of many long-standing residents who have seen their neighborhood decline over last few decades. Groups of energetic residents working together to breathe new life into it, make it better for the next generation. Global Detroit is grateful to have connected with them two summers ago and be able to work with them and support them in their goals. We are inspired by their motivation and energy focused on their neighbors and community.

“The event was very successful, the turnout was great.” said Patricia Cortner, a community leader in East Davison Village. “ One young man has always found issues getting a municipal ID but today he received great service and he will be receiving his ID soon. I look forward to the next event and I encourage more people to attend.”

We would like to thank all of the organizations that took part in this resource fair: The City of Detroit, Walgreens, DTE Energy, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency, Eastern Michigan University — Dietetic Student, Hamtramck Health Center, Keep Growing Detroit, Office of Detroit City Councilperson Scott Benson, Rico Razo, SER Metro-Detroit, United Way for SEM 2-1-1, and the Michigan Alliance for Families. A huge thanks also goes to Principal Coleman of Davison Elementary for making this event a reality.

Do you have an idea for a neighborhood hub? Want to see safe streets? Or have an idea for area youth? Join the East Davison Village Community Group on Friday, October 19, 2018 from 7-8pm at L.A Coney Island, 1700 E McNichols Rd, Detroit MI. For more information, contact Patricia Cortner: +1 937-369-5055                                                                                                

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