Global EIR

Global Entrepreneurs in Residence (Global EIR)

Through Global Detroit and Global EIR, immigrant and international student founders have the unique opportunity to launch their startup in Southeast Michigan with the visa support that enables them to fully explore their venture's initial phases or structure their startup in ways that further the educational mission of a Michigan based university.

Overview: The Global EIR program enables international student graduates and immigrant founders the opportunity to launch their startup business in the U.S., while working to launch a business or structure their startup in ways that further the educational mission of a U.S. university. This relationship enables the founder to attain an H-1B visa not subject to the H-1B cap as universities are not capped on issuing H-1B for the educational mission.

Mission: Global Detroit seeks to establish a Detroit regional program similar to that existing in a dozen other U.S. cities that have proven to be effective at attracting startups, attaining visas, attracting capital to those startups, and creating jobs. Our objectives are to (1) enhance the talent pool of startup founders; (2) attract dynamic startups to the region; (3) accelerate the growth and job creation of immigrant-founded startups in the region; and (4) build a global region that attracts talent, investment, and interest from international students, immigrant talent, and investors.

Why is this important?

  • Immigrants founded 51% of U.S. Billion-Dollar startups.
  • 44 of 87 privately held Fortune 500 U.S. companies valued at $1 billion or more were launched by immigrants, including 21 founders who had once been international students.

How can you get involved?

  • Students: Apply for the opportunity to become a Global EIR startup founder.
  • Universities and Investors: Support Global EIR founders through investment.

More information and to apply:

To apply for Global EIR or request for more information, please contact:
Millie Chu, Director of Startups and STEM Talent at Global Detroit.

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