Global EIR

If you have a bachelors’ degree (or higher) and want to build and grow your business in the US or are an international student interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial venture post-graduation, Global EIR is here to help.

General Criteria for Eligibility:

There are several factors that are reviewed during the application review and assessment period. Factors we evaluate include whether each candidate:

  •  Has a scalable, high-growth business
  • Has invested capital into the business and/or received funding or other investment.
  • Can show evidence of financial success through financial projections for year 1-3 of the business.
  • Has an MVP or market-ready product
  • Has completed a market competitiveness and feasibility analysis for the business
  • Has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, or a two-year degree with 10 years exemplary industry experience
  • Is willing to establish/relocate their business in Southeast Michigan

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