In 2011, Global Detroit worked with seven Michigan universities, the University Research Corridor, the Detroit Regional Chamber, Ann Arbor SPARK, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and others to launch the Michigan Global Talent Retention Initiative, the nation’s first international student retention program. GTRI now partners with 32 Michigan college campuses and has over 60 Global Opportunity (GO) employers, known as GOemployers, to help connect Michigan’s 28,000 international students (over 60 percent of whom are STEM majors) with unmet talent needs of Michigan companies.

To retain international students in Michigan, GTRI works with both students and employers. On one end, GTRI helps international students navigate visa regulations, job searches, and cultural differences on the pathway to employment in Michigan. On the other, GTRI cultivates relationships with Michigan employers to dispel myths about hiring international students and spread awareness of the competitive economic advantage of hiring international students.

GTRI developed a certification process for companies interested in hiring the world’s top talent. The Global Opportunity Employer (GOemployer) certification helps international students identify companies that consider all qualified applicants for jobs and will not disqualify viable candidates solely because of their lawful immigration status. GOemployers hire international students who do not require sponsorship for internships and full-time employment and consider sponsoring foreign nationals for employer sponsored work visas (i.e. H-1B)

  • In 2013, Global Detroit and GTRI released International Talent Retention in Michigan: A Pathway to National Competitiveness. The report shows that international students at public Michigan universities are almost as likely to stay in Michigan after graduation as in-state students.
  • GOregistry – GTRI has developed a registry of international students interested in obtaining an internship or full time position through CPT, OPT, and H-1B. Registration is free for all students. GOemployers can gain access to the registry to source talent, especially in STEM fields. To learn more, visit GOregistry.
  • Career Development Conferences (2014-2015) – GTRI is coordinating five career development conferences for international students. Conferences will provide specialized sessions to help prepare international students for a U.S. job search, and connect students with employers in Michigan, and inform students about the Michigan advantage. Learn more about the Michigan Global Future Conferences.
  • Resume and Interview Guide for International Students – GTRI developed a guide to help international students navigate cultural differences in resume format and interviewing techniques. Read the guide.

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