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Global Detroit continues to innovate programming that helps Detroit neighborhoods revitalize themselves by tapping into new immigrant communities, while also benefiting longstanding Detroit residents. Most notably, Global Detroit helped build ProsperUS Detroit, an entrepreneurship training and development program focusing solely on the untapped entrepreneurial talent in low-income, minority and immigrant neighborhoods. To date, ProsperUS Detroit has trained over 200 Detroit residents in basic business planning and is on pace to train some 200 additional residents per year. It also provides micro-loans, ongoing technical assistance to business owners and neighborhood capacity building.

One of those 200 is Tony Lopez, ProsperUS Detroit graduate and entrepreneur, working to grow his business, Cabresto Tequila, in southwest Detroit. Watch our video about Tony and ProsperUS here:


Whereas many microenterprise development programs offer training, technical assistance, or lending exclusively, ProsperUS runs a fully integrated community development model, that is a one-stop shop for entrepreneur training, small business consulting, and microfinance. Five core values drive the work of ProsperUS Detroit:

Partnerships with community-based organizations allow us to earn the trust of local residents.

Power of culture
Highly accessible, culturally competent services eliminate barriers to success.

Community ownership
Working at scale creates social capital and physical assets that communities own.

A comprehensive, flexible, long-term approach helps entrepreneurs succeed in a constantly changing environment.

Improvement and innovation, fueled by regular evaluation, lead to our sustained effectiveness.

ProsperUS Detroit partners with community-based organizations to offer entrepreneurship training in five Detroit neighborhoods including:

  • Cody Rouge
  • North End/Central Woodward
  • Southwest
  • Grandmont Rosedale
  • Lower East Side

ProsperUS offers:

  1. ProsperUS Detroit Entrepreneurship Training – ProsperUS Detroit partners with community-based organizations to provide 12-session trainings in neighborhoods. Class sizes are small, often fostering a strong sense of comradery. ProsperUS classmates continue to support one another long after graduation.
  2. ProsperUS Detroit Technical Assistance – Much of the learning for entrepreneurs happens after they open their doors for business. ProsperUS Detroit continues to work with entrepreneurs once they open their businesses to increase their likelihood for success.
  3. ProsperUS Detroit Lending – The ProsperUS Detroit Lending program offers microloans to eligible entrepreneurs who otherwise would not have access to traditional capital.
  4. ProsperUS Detroit Capacity Building – The Capacity Building programs help community partners build neighborhood-based business support services.

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