Share your stories for International Migrants Day

Today is the second day of our “I welcome immigrants because…” Campaign and also the 18th Annual International Migrants Day, a day marked by the United Nations. Today, let’s recognize the contributions migrants make to our communities, despite the difficulties they often need to overcome. Let’s share our stories.

Yesterday, many of you spoke up to share your stories about why you welcome immigrants–thank you for taking steps to make your community more welcoming.

Share your responses via Twitter @GlobalDET, using the hashtags #iWelcomeImmigrants and #iAmGlobal, and via our Facebook page.

#iWelcomeImmigrantsbecause as a society we learn so much from cultural#diversity & the beautiful mosaic we call ‘America.'” –Dale Dorlin

“I welcome immigrants because of the values they contribute to our communities – a dedication to family, a willingness to work hard, and a belief in the power of education.” –Sonia Harb, Director of ACCESS.

“I welcome immigrants because many of them have faced religious and diplomatic persecution in their homelands and in search of a more percect union they are renewed with a sense of hope and driven by the fear of failure and unknown not only to better their families lives but to share in the fulfillment of this great nations promise, upon arrival in this country. Immigrants make us better Americans in helping us realize how blessed we are to have the opportunities this country has afforded us all.” –Lynn Roosevelt Wiggins

“I welcome immigrants because I believe that immigrants bring new energy, new ideas, and a new commitment to a better life that benefits us all!” –Susan Reed

“I welcome imigrants because they make and weave the fibers of America.” –Nicola Browne

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