Antoine Dubeauclard

Antoine Dubeauclard was born in Canada, grew up in France and settled in the United States. He’s lived in some of the world’s most desirable cities, but he made the choice to call Michigan home. Dubeauclard looks quantitatively at his decision to conduct business in the Detroit area and can tick off the reasons. As president of Media Genesis, a Troy-based web design and development, talent is of major concern to his bottom line and here, he finds it. “There are really good schools with a steady supply of people learning new things,” he says. “We have a relatively young workforce, and there are educational powerhouses here.” He also cites the potential cross-border collaboration, technical acumen, true seasons and the cost of living as entries in his “pro-Southeast Michigan” checklist. In terms of an immigration strategy for the area, Dubeauclard is of the mindset that the United States in general needs to make it easier for trained immigrants to move here and become citizens. “The ability to do thing with our hands is not going to be the competitive edge this country needs to stay ahead,” he says. “We need to attract brain power, and we need a mechanism to really embrace people with higher levels of education in this global economy. We shouldn’t be afraid to bring in talent from other countries.” Once immigrants are welcomed, they will find their way to Michigan for the same reasons that Dubeaucard did. “Foreigners are not so bent on going to New York or Los Angeles, at the end of the day, a whole lot of people want to be in this country period,” he says. “It’s not about New York vs. Los Angeles vs. Michigan — people in all of these places realize that, sooner or later, Michigan is a really good value.”

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