Nurten Ural

Nurten Ural’s parents were deported from Crimea during World War II to German work camps. They moved to Turkey after the war and started their family, When the United States opened its arms to these refugees, they moved to Detroit to rejoin family who had moved here straight from Germany. Ural’s parents moved here with practically nothing and she wants to make it easier for other immigrants to have their basic needs met. “This help could be as simple as helping them how to get their drivers license, how to find a place to rent, how to sign up to school, where to look for jobs,” she says. “Students also need help with some of the items listed above and more importantly, when they graduate from school, they need help in finding jobs.” Ural believes that working personally with immigrants has the potential to improve trade relations — with a potential added bonus of business attraction for Michigan. “(They could) take products from Michigan to their countries that can be sold there, and have businesses from their countries settle in Michigan,” she says. “(This could) make it attractive for distribution centers or manufacturers to make Michigan their home.” As an entrepreneur, Ural looks at the bottom line when it comes to considering where to locate her business so, while cost of living enters into the equation, there are also intangibles that factor into the important decision of where to live. “The Detroit area has a diverse culture population, that immigrants may feel comfortable settling in,” she says.

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