Victor Naidu

Victor Naidu credits his education, his work ethic and his wife with the success of his Southfield-based IT company. Ramsoft Systems Inc. got its start in 1992 and today employs 170 people in India and Michigan; the company’s Michigan employees focus on IT consulting and programming services. Naidu started the company with his wife, Rama Gudivada, a fellow immigrant from India, while he was still working with Complete Business Solutions. “We wanted to see if we could create more jobs and job opportunities,” Naidu says. “As an immigrant, you have an entrepreneurial nature. The job was not enough.” By 1993 Naidu, who arrived in Detroit from Bangalore in the late 80s, left CBS to join his wife full-time in their new venture. Both hold multiple advanced degrees and a desire to see how far they can go on their own. Immigrants, Naidu says, have “a high motivation. Their willingness to work hard overcomes all their obstacles. Success is not an option for them, it’s a mandated requirement. “They come with their own education,” he adds. “We didn’t invest in these people yet we’re School of Business Administration. “Education is power,” he says. “I happened to come here with a good education, and could easily find a good job even from week one. Education is an equalizer. You need to have an education, a strong foundation in math and science, and a hardworking nature. That combination will bring you success.”

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