The Ganesan Brothers Inspire Others With Their Entrepreneurial Spirit

“It came to a point where corporate life had become mundane, and the urge for entrepreneurship was always there,” said Kyyba founder Tel Ganesan.  His brother Thiru also caught the entrepreneurial bug, after moving from India to work on Y2K in the U.S. The two brothers opened an IT staffing solutions company, and in 2005 Tel left his engineering position at Chrysler, and took the risk to run the company full time.

In 2007, Thiru, joined him as the first full-time employee, and they purchased two more companies. Having three different company names was confusing to their customers, so they brought them under one name, Kyyba, Inc. When asked where the name came from, Tel explained, “After an exhaustive process with a branding company which proved to be a waste of time, my young son helped me to come up with a name based on a character in one of his favorite children’s games.”

Today, Kyyba has grown from initial earnings of $500,000 to nearly $60 million. The organization has a global presence with offices in Dallas, New Jersey, Toronto-Canada and four in India. It offers a variety of services including IT, Engineering, Technology, training, customized project solutions and business consulting services. They attribute a lot of that growth from their relationship with Chrysler. “As Chrysler came out of bankruptcy, we grew along with them,” said Thiru. “We are one of their top two suppliers, and our IT work is in 26 states, Canada, Mexico, and India.”

Recently they created Kyyba Tech in India, and won a large multi-million-dollar, multi-year contract creating digital transformation. They’re helping state agencies to revamp their old service applications to make them more accessible by using mobile connect. Now with the use of kiosks, consumers can easily check on the status of their benefits. They have teams in Boston and Detroit, as well as Belarus and India with, plans to expand.

In 2016, Thiru assumed the presidency of Kyyba from his brother. “Creating a strong pipeline with talent that fits current and future customer needs is key to our success,” he said. “Currently it’s batteries, Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars, and IOT (Internet of Things). Our recruiting team knows how important it is to keep talent in the pipeline when they have the experience that fits these critical fields, and they are very good at it. They attend job fairs and schools across the country to find talent.” Seventy percent of Kyyba’s team are permanent residents and US Citizens.

Known for his business acumen, Thiru is also an active angel investor, dedicated to help budding entrepreneurs. He works with Kyyba Innovations, where they encourage and mentor potential entrepreneurs. Aspiring entrepreneurs join a “pitch club” where they present their ideas. Successful pitches can receive up to $10,000. Those that show great promise can receive up to $50,000. They also receive training on lessons learned from these two experts, along with guidance to help turn their dream into a reality.

In addition to Kyyba Innovations, Tel is busy with his other ventures which include Kyyba Films, Kyyba Music, Kyyba Wellness, and the Kyyba Kidz Foundation. With a twinkle in his eye, he said he may even start Kyyba Comedy!  With all that, he still finds time to continue his leadership of TiE Detroit, a nonprofit organization which fosters entrepreneurship.

It’s easy to see the impact these two men have had on the region. “It makes me feel so good when I see someone come here, and I help them get their start. Soon they buy a car, then a home. Soon after that they marry and have a family and obtain the American dream. I feel good that I was able to help them accomplish that,” said Thiru. “This is a very rewarding job. To me success breeds success. That passion inspires me.”

Honored that they are receiving Global Detroit’s Corporate Leadership Award, Tel said, “I have been involved with Steve Tobocman since the beginning of Global Detroit as a founding member of the Board of Directors. Thiru and I fully support the work he is doing.”

On Thursday, September 20 Global Detroit hosts its third annual fundraiser at the N’namdi Gallery in Midtown to celebrate eight years of Immigrant Innovation. The event is from 5:30 – 8 pm. Ticket prices are $125 and can be purchased by going to or by sending a check written to Global Detroit to 4444 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201.

Global Detroit is a regional economic development engine that leverages the talent, ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination of immigrants in Metro Detroit to power the regional economy. Visit to learn more.


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