From the Director: The March for Innovation

By Steve Tobocman

Michigan Governor (and Global Michigan founder) Rick Snyder kicked off iMarch
in Michigan last week with this statement, “If you made a short list of what made
America great, immigration would be on it,” Snyder said. “In Michigan, some of our
biggest job-creators were founded by immigrants. Companies like Dow, Meijer and
Masco. That’s true all across the country.”

iMarch, or the March for Innovation, is an online campaign to urge Washington to
pass forward-looking immigration reform. Governor Snyder was joined by New
York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and new technology leaders, including Tumblr,, Craigslist, and the former AOL chairman. Detroit’s own Josh Linkner, the
former CEO of ePrize and current head of Detroit Venture Partners also was noted
in the national press release.

While Global Detroit is not a policy advocacy organization and we have not sought
to engage in the immigration debate, we believe that the work we are doing in
partnership with Global Michigan, Michigan Immigrant Rights Coalition, Southwest
Housing, ACCESS, International Institute of Metro Detroit, University Research
Corridor (in-state partners), as well as Welcoming America, Upwardly Global,
Chicago Council of Global Affairs, and Neighborhood Development Center (national
partners) is paving the way so that Metro Detroit is prepared to take advantage of
whatever reforms are implemented.

Global Detroit seeks to foster a global community in our region that integrates
international talent, investment, diversity, and culture into our region, such that
those who want to work hard, invent, invest, and share in building prosperity find
Metro Detroit to be welcoming and a place where business thrives.

Thank Governor Snyder and all those joining the March for Innovation for their
leadership on this issue. And consider joining Global Detroit in our efforts to build
the infrastructure to capitalize on what’s next.

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